Recommended Resources for the Psalms
Part Two of Timothy Reymond’s series, this time on commentaries for preachers.

How Are You Dealing with Your Firstborn’s Impending Marriage
R.C. Sproul (Jr) with a touching and beautiful post about his godly daughter Darby who is about to be married to a greatly blessed man ;)

What Are 10 Books Every Pastor Should Read and Re-Read
Brian Croft: “I have chosen my lists based on the 2 greatest needs I see modern pastors face:¬† How to do faithful pastoral ministry, and how to persevere in pastoral ministry.”

How Did Jesus Read the Old Testament?
Great question. Great answer.

Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Proverbs
Looks like Harper Collins have published an edited extract from my book on their FaithGateway blog.

Longest Rally in Badminton History
I think I just held my breath for over two minutes.