A “Ten Commandments” Prayer
One for the closet.

Living the Christian Life with C. S. Lewis
Raving review of a new book.

Charles Spurgeon’s Call to Preach Christ in a Christly Manner
“As we share the gospel with friends and neighbors, Spurgeon reminds us that it is Christ—in all the multifaceted glories of his person and work—who must be the focal point of our message and the treasure we offer. And as we do that, we will properly adorn our message as we share Christ’s own zeal, Christ’s own courageous meekness and simplicity, and Christ’s own love for both God and neighbor.”

10 Things Teachers DID NOT Have to Deal With 10 Years Ago
“Something is wrong—very, very wrong. Teachers across the country at all grade levels, in all subjects, teaching a wide variety of student populations, can sense it. There is a pulse of dysfunction, a steady palpitation of doom that the path we are on is not properly oriented.”

Why you should Read the Westminster Confession of Faith
New online course. And you may also want to check out the regular podcast working it’s way through the Westminster Confession. The latest episode is on Christ’s Humiliation and Exaltation

PURITAN – All of Life to the Glory of God
New documentary/teaching film

Dear Church: Hear the Word of the Lord
Good word to the church about how to handle abuse.

Kindle Books

God’s Mighty Acts in Salvation by Starr Meade $2.99.

Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More? Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist by Karen Swallow Prior $0.99.

Beating the College Debt Trap: Getting a Degree Without Going Broke by Alex Chediak $1.99.