Why is silence good and necessary for a pastor’s soul?
“I’ve spent most of my adult life hating silence—and didn’t know it. It was a major blind spot. I always dismissed my desire to be with people and avoid being alone as being an extrovert and loving people. I excused my talkative nature to my heightened relational instincts. These qualities also seemed to help my interactions with people as a pastor, so I thought nothing more of it. It wasn’t until I began my own counseling journey out of a personal crisis where I was confronted with this long-held deception in my life.”

Principles and Guidelines for Separation
“Those who effect separation are themselves sinners. So the questions of when, why, and how to separate are of cardinal importance. The New Testament gives us principles; it does not provide us with a single, simple sentence that relieves us of the task of thinking through and wisely applying the Scriptures to each unique situation. ”

Thinking Wrongly About Leadership
“When we think wrongly about leadership in the church, the church suffers. Sometimes we make the wrong people leaders. Other times we distort the relationship between the church and her leaders. What follows below is an attempt to kindly point out three of the most common errors I’ve seen in reformed churches when thinking about the leadership of elders in Jesus’ church.”

One Thing I Hope to Learn From John Piper In Preaching
“Now you may not agree with all of Piper’s points. But you cannot say that he isn’t getting his points from the Scriptures (at least in the way he is reading them). And this has a tremendous impact on those who sit under his preaching. He isn’t just telling people what to think. He is training them how to think.”

Free Christian Audiobook about Jonathan Edwards
“In this Trailblazers series biography, Jonathan Edwards was just an ordinary American boy, but the country he lived in wasn’t the America of today. Rather he was part of a new world full of adventure and opportunity. This filled Jonathan’s mind with questions and he grappled for the answers, even when it wasn’t easy. His genius and ability only strengthened his faith and love for Jesus. ”

The Beginning of How to Get Unstuck
“None of us enjoys being stuck. And it sometimes puts crucial, important things at risk. There are things we want to do, things we need to do, and things that make a difference in the world that won’t get done if we stay stuck. The good news is that it is possible to get unstuck and overcome the obstacles to doing great work and getting the right things done. David prayed for deliverance and got unstuck. Paul never became passive, in spite of his many obstacles. Mark Twain finished The Adventures of Tom Sawyer after taking a year off to replenish. And Einstein got the help he needed with the math to bring the theory of relativity all the way through to completion. (Yes, Einstein needed help with math! — of a very advanced sort, of course.)”

Are You Addicted To Your Phone? (Take a Quiz to Find Out)
“take the test and prayerfully reflect on the results, then perhaps simply ask yourself this: Are you okay with this? Is this what you want from your relationship with your phone? Or maybe this: Is your smartphone helping you live the life you want to live, or is it in some ways hindering it?”

Two very personal reasons Tucker Carlson hates abortion

The Day Leukaemia Changed My Life
Adrian Warnock needs our prayers.

Kindle Books

Preaching to a Post-Everything World: Crafting Biblical Sermons That Connect with Our Culture by Zack Eswine $2.99.

Grounded in the Gospel: Building Believers the Old-Fashioned Way  by J. I. Packer $3.99.