A Letter to the Church: The Problems of Moral Failure and Misconduct Are Real and Must be Addressed Now
“Although quite simplified, let me offer a starting place for both pastors and church leaders who now face very difficult questions from their congregants and for congregants who have more questions than answers.”

After 50 Years of Ministry, 7 Things I Would Tell Ministerial Candidates Today
“From an older pastor to younger ones: some wise counsel from a pastor who served the Church faithfully for 50 year.”

Suicide, Depression, and Pastors: One Way Church Members Can Help
“Yet, these pastors tell us, the greatest pain is not the criticism and cynicism by some of the members. The greatest pain is when the “good members” remain silent, when they do nothing to come to the aid and defense of their pastors. The good members don’t want to rock the boat. They don’t want to incur the wrath of the pastor attackers. They think they are maintaining unity. Instead they are tearing down their pastor with their malignant silence. Their efforts to maintain peace sow the greatest seeds of destruction.”

How Reformed Churches Are Growing on the Arabian Peninsula
So encouraging.

Why Pastors Should Consider Preaching (At Least) 5 Minutes Shorter
“Here’s the bottom line: there’s no need to preach for an hour when 40 minutes will do. The truth is most people will be glad for a shorter sermon. The parents with children in the pew certainly will be. Your wife just might be too. And the nursery workers will rise up and call you blessed.”

Columns from Tabletalk Magazine, September 2018
The September issue of Tabletalk considers the Christian life as a life lived between two worlds.

Cringing at Church: What It’s Like as an Autistic Person in Your Congregation
What an eye-opener.

Real Sermons Are Not Lectures or Moral Stories | Desiring God
This is an important contribution from Burk Parsons:

“I think what happens is that pastors begin to feel the pressure to have this perfectly polished message, so it ends up looking more like a lecture, more like a lesson that could be taught really in any Sunday School class. It becomes that rather than a sermon as a part of the worship service.”

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