Free Dead Sea Scrolls Download
“See key information about the Dead Sea Scrolls at a glance with this free quick guide by Dr. Randall Price! Get solid overviews, time lines, maps, and pictures of the Dead Sea Scrolls excavation sites with this free download. Find out how the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, what they reveal about the Bible’s accuracy and other key information at a glance.”

How to help a friend with mental illness
“You care about someone who is living with emotional or psychological pain, and you wish you could offer something that would help, but you’re not sure you can make a difference. Maybe you live with the misconception that only trained mental health professionals are qualified to provide any kind of care. After all, it seems like you’ve tried everything you can think of, but you’re pretty sure it hasn’t made any difference. Or, perhaps you believe the only way to help is to solve the problem and make the person feel better for good. Since you haven’t been able to do that, you’ve decided there’s nothing you can do. ”

He Will Hold Me Fast
“Have you ever feared that your faith might fail? Have you worried you might not be able to “hold out” or “hold on” in the long, arduous journey of the Christian life?”

Here’s How Christian Audio Book Summaries Help You Learn More…in Less Time
“A book summary is similar to the “executive summary” concept that’s so popular in the business world; it condenses the main points, thoughts, and arguments of a book into bite-sized pieces, so that you can get the gist of the entire book in only the time that it takes you to read the 7 – 10 page summary.”

Ministering Without R.C. Sproul
Burk Parsons shares his thoughts and feelings after nine months without his friend and mentor, R.C. Sproul.

Call Sinners to Do the Impossible
“we do not need to try to “protect” Reformed teachings by over-qualifying gospel calls. Go ahead and proclaim the impossible to sinners. Then watch God do what only He can do!”

After 50 Years of Ministry, 7 Things I Would Tell Ministerial Candidates Today
“From an older pastor to younger ones: some wise counsel from a pastor who served the Church faithfully for 50 yearz.”

Kindle Books

Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul by Hannah Anderson $1.99.

A Woman’s Wisdom: How the Book of Proverbs Speaks to Everything by Lydia Brownback $2.99.

Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery by Eric Metaxas $1.99.