Books of the Year 2018
Tony Reinke’s list. And here is Russell Moore’s.

Zealous Preaching
“In the Westminster Larger Catechism, six qualities are given in answer to Question 159, “How is the Word of God to be preached by those that are called thereunto?” One of the qualities stated is that preaching is to be done “zealously.” What is zealous preaching and how can it be cultivated? Here are five encouragements.”

Themelios 43.3
The new December 2018 issue of Themelios has 203 pages of editorials, articles, and book reviews. It is freely available in three formats: (1) PDF, (2) web version, and (3) Logos Bible Software.

Columns from Tabletalk Magazine, December 2018
The December issue of Tabletalk covers several of the most important Old Testament texts concerning the promised Messiah and covers several key messianic prophecies and explain how they point to Christ. Free to read.

2018 Christmas Gift Guide
Crossway’s gift guide for Moms, Dads, Kids, and many other categories.

Fight the New Drug
After a University paid a porn performer to speak to students, these twins sparked conversations on campus about porn’s harms.


The Ten Commandments: What They Mean, Why They Matter, and Why We Should Obey Them by Kevin DeYoung.

The Curious Christian: How Discovering Wonder Enriches Every Part of Life $2.99.

The Joy of Fearing God $1.99

Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together $2.39.

A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada $3.99.


Since the Bible is sufficient for all of life, should we rule out psychology in counseling? Michael Horton answers: