Skip Resolutions in 2019—Make a Rule of Life
Excellent article with which to begin the new year.

“A Rule of Life contains spiritual, relational, and vocational rhythms needed to sustain the life in Christ we’ve been called to, and it doesn’t change much year in and year out. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Rule or hasn’t created one, January 1 provides the perfect time to establish your own Rule of Life.”

How I Write Sermons
I never recommend copying someone else’s sermon preparation process but there’s always something to learn. Here Russell Moore explains how he prepares sermons.

Join Analog Social Media
“In the spirit of the New Year, that I suggest you make a simple resolution: join analog social media. As I’ve discussed before, analog social media describes organizations, activities and traditions that require you to interact with interesting people and encounter interesting things in the real world.”

25 Non-Christian Press Books from 2018 that Christians Should Read
A list of 25 books published in 2018 that are not “Christian books” and yet in various ways Christian leaders would benefit from reading.

Martin Luther’s Personal Letter to a Close Friend Struggling with Spiritual Despair
“The following is from a letter written in July 1530 to Jerome Weller, a 31-year-old friend who had previously lived in the Luther home, tutored his children, and was now struggling with spiritual despair:”

Lessons from a failed business and trying in the New Year
Brave article from Trillia Newbell:

“It’s the end of the year and I imagine some of you entering in with a bit of fear. You have ideas, goals, and plans but you are afraid to try. I get it. In the past I have been hesitant to set goals or resolutions because of the fear of failure. Why bother? you tell yourself, I’m not going to complete my goals or keep my resolutions anyway. And perhaps that’s true. But I’d like to also encourage you that trying isn’t failing and that failing doesn’t mean trying isn’t worthwhile.”


Here’s a good book to start 2019.

The Money Challenge by Art Rainer $2.99.

Exalting Jesus in Isaiah $2.99.