Many reject Christ and Christianity because they are afraid of what they will lose and the pains they will suffer if they follow Christ.

The devil and many in the world have been very successful in maximizing the losses and minimizing the gains involved in following Christ. Let’s call them “the suffering, poverty, and misery” alarmists.

Some influential and popular Christian leaders have responded by maximizing the gains and minimizing the losses in following Christ. They are often known as “health, wealth, and prosperity” teachers.

But both of these extremes are based on bad information and result in bad decisions. Many hear the “suffering, poverty, and misery” alarmists and decide not to follow Christ. Others hear the “health, wealth, and prosperity” salespeople and follow Christ for all the wrong reasons (and usually end up disappointed and disillusioned).

Is there a way to measure the gains and the losses of following Christ more accurately so that we can make better decisions? Yes, there is. We’re going to look at Proverbs 3:1-12 for a balanced biblical perspective that will give us the information we need to make the most important decision of our life.

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Sermon Notes

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