Introduce kids to the Savior of sinners. This is a series of audio podcasts for kids who want to meet with Jesus by using Meeting with Jesus: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids. Listen to previous episodes here.

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I’m sure some of you are really missing school during this lockdown. I must be honest, if I was your age and the government closed my school, I’d be so happy. I’m afraid I didn’t like school at all. I wasn’t a very good student at school. I found some subjects really boring. I’d tune out and my mind would wander. I’d leave the class knowing nothing.

But one teacher figured out how to teach me. She kept asking me questions. Of course, at first I had no idea what the answer was. I’d been miles away in my mind. It was pretty embarrassing. Everyone would laugh. Eventually I realized that I’d better listen if I wanted to answer the questions and not be embarrassed. I actually started learning, and, even more surprisingly, I enjoyed it!

Some times we read the Bible but don’t meet with Jesus. We get sleepy. We stop thinking. We don’t learn how to learn more.

What’s the solution? Good questions are the solution and help us meet with Jesus. That’s why I included a daily question in my book Meeting with Jesus. Let’s look at how important questions are for meeting with Jesus.


They make sure we concentrate on what we’re reading so that we can answer the question.

They make us write out the Bible in our answers

Do questions just keep us awake? No, they can do even more.


We have to look for answers in the passage and think about what we read.

We have to ask Jesus for help sometimes, which helps us meet with him.

What about the future, after I finish the Meeting with Jesus book?


You will learn a lot about the Bible using Meeting with Jesus.

But you will also learn how to learn. In learning the kind of questions to ask, you will learn how to study the Bible.

Do you see how important questions are?

  • When we’re falling asleep, they wake us up.
  • When we’re dreaming about something else, they make us think about the Bible.
  • When we’re answering questions about the Bible, we’re learning how to ask questions about the Bible.

Ask God to help you use questions to make meetings with Jesus more lively, more interesting, and more beneficial.

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