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Yesterday we talked about how our society and even the church divide people up too much based on their age. When this happens:

  • The young do not love or learn from the old
  • The old are not encouraged and enlivened by the young

Yesterday, God’s Word encouraged us to learn from the old. Today in Luke 2:36-40, I want you to see how you can encourage the older members of your family or church. Anna was very old, somewhere between 84 and 105. But she was still serving God and speaking of God.


  • Anna served by worshipping
  • Anna served by fasting
  • Anna served by praying


  • Anna expressed thanks to God
  • Anna explained the salvation of God

So why not share this story with your grandma or grandpa today. They might feel useless in their old age. But they can still serve God like Anna did and still speak of God like Anna did.

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