Psalm 23


Ten years into marriage, Paul and Jen had drifted from God and from one another. They’d followed the American dream, but it had mutated into an awful nightmare. Yes, they had two busy careers, two new cars, and two beautiful children. But they had lost their love for God and for one another. They had everything, yet had nothing. They lacked nothing, yet lacked everything. God was teaching them that we will lack, lose, and get lost when we follow anyone but the Lord. But they weren’t listening or learning.

Paul’s father died of a heart attack later that year and the first song at his funeral was Psalm 23. Although they had sung it many times before, this time, Paul and Jen couldn’t get past the first line. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want (1). They choked up as they realized the Lord was no longer their shepherd and, therefore, they had multiple wants. Over the next few weeks, Paul and Jen read Psalm 23 many times, both together and alone. Its message was loud and clear: Follow the Lord’s leading and you’ll never lack, never lose, and never get lost.