Psalm 55


I’ve always wanted to fly. I don’t mean fly in a plane; I mean fly myself. When I was very young, I made wings of various shapes, sizes, and materials. But, despite furious flapping of my wings, every time I tried to lift-off, I landed on my face.

My fantasy revived recently with the development of jet-suits. I’ve watched numerous videos of people flying across lakes and up mountains wearing these jet-packs. I’ve even made enquiries, but can’t persuade my wife that $500,000 is a bargain. I’m still hopeful that I’ll live long enough for the prices to come down enough for me to fly in one of them.

“Why, David? Why do you want to fly in the sky—without a plane?” Freedom! When life is stressful and sad, it would be just amazing to take off, get away from everything and everyone, and just fly around like a bird. I suppose it’s really escapism. It’s wanting to escape this world of weighty worries and enter a better one, a lighter one, even for a short time. You might think I’m weird. So did I, until I came across another David with a similar flying fantasy in Psalm 55. He helped me answer the question, “What should I do when I’m crushed with heavy burdens?”