Psalm 60-1


When people ask me, “What’s the biggest difference between the United Kingdom and the United States of America?” I answer, “The American flag is everywhere in the USA but the British flag is virtually nowhere in the UK.” I can’t go through a day without seeing the American flag multiple times in multiple places. I can go weeks and months and not see the Union Jack, the British flag, anywhere.

Why such a big difference? The American people are more patriotic than the Brits. They’re proud of their flag because they’re proud of their country and they’re not ashamed to show it. But it works the other way too. It’s not just that the flag reflects patriotism, it also stirs it up. The omnipresence of the Stars and Stripes stirs up patriotism too.

Which raises a spiritual question: How do we express and revive the patriotism of God’s people? Let’s hear David’s answer in Psalm 60.