At some point or other in our lives, most of us experience some degree of financial need. I can think of a few of times in my own life when I had serious financial worries. The first was when I lost a lot of money on a business venture in my early twenties. The second was when I was a student for the ministry, and I was working as a delivery driver to make ends meet. The third was when I went nine months without a call to serve a church. ‘How will I survive?’ I kept worrying.

These were horrible months full of fear, anxiety, and stress. But, one day, while browsing a used book store, I came across a little book by Charles Spurgeon, The CheckBook of the Bank of Faith. It was a series of devotionals based on Philippians 4:19. The 10 cents I paid for that little book was one of the best investments I ever made. It brought me so much peace and calm. Let’s look at this verse in its context.

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