Christians are called to the most impossible mission in the world. We are to make disciples of all the nations (Matt. 28:18-20). I’m sure we’ve all felt the impossibility of this as we look at ourselves as individuals, as we look at our church, and even as we look at the worldwide church. How can we ever make disciples of anybody, never mind everybody? How can this mission impossible become mission possible? In Matthew 4:19, Jesus not only gives us our mission but makes it possible too.


  • Sermon 1: God’s purpose is to glorify himself in grace-and-truth filled relationships.
  • Sermon 2: Our first purpose is to glorify God in grace-and-truth filled relationships.
  • Sermon 3: Our second purpose is to give God pleasure.
  • Sermon 4: Our third purpose is to receive and return God’s love.
  • Sermon 5: Our fourth purpose is to be part of God’s family
  • Sermon 6: Our fifth purpose is to be like God’s Son.
  • Sermon 7: Our sixth purpose is to be God’s servant.
  • Sermon 8: Our seventh purpose is to be God’s missionary

Last week’s sermon was more about our ministry to other believers. This week’s sermon is more about our mission in the world.

Where do we start in making disciples?


Jesus calls

And he said to them, “Follow me…” (19)

  • A direct call: Not general and vague but specifically addressed to two men.
  • An authoritative call: He had established his authority (Luke 5:1-11) now he exercises it.
  • A personal call: It’s follow me. Not an ideology, a philosophy, or a system but a person.
  • A gracious call: He called the lowliest and the most uneducated – a rare kind of rabbi.
  • A transforming call: Following him made them what they were not before in head, heart, and hands.

We follow

…Immediately they left their nets and followed him (20).

To follow Jesus is to stick close to him, listen to his every word, learn his every lesson, watch his every move, put your feet in his every step, obey his every command. The first disciples do this immediately, without excuse, delay, or hesitation. They looked at their nets and said, “We’re done!” They looked at Christ and said, “We’re in!” They came under his authority from then on. This meant walking beside and behind him but never ahead of him.


Do you hear the call of Jesus? He is calling you with a direct, authoritative, personal, gracious, transforming call. “Follow me!” What’s your answer?

Are you following Jesus? There are many saying, “Follow me!” Politicians, influencers, celebrities, teachers, friends, businesses (through DEI/ESG/CRT), other religions, and cults, and even pastors and churches. But we are to follow Jesus as the disciples followed him – ALL IN.

Follow, follow, I will follow Jesus,
Anywhere, everywhere, I will follow on;
Follow, follow, I will follow Jesus,
Everywhere he leads me I will follow on.

What happens when we follow Jesus?


“…and I will make you fishers of men” (19).

The fish

The sea is the great ocean of sin. As water is the natural environment of fish, so sin is the natural environment for sinners. They are comfortable there and have no desire to leave it no matter how dangerous or polluted it becomes. The first fish we want to target are those in our own families, then widening to friends, neighbors, colleagues, then expanding to people we don’t know in our community, our nation, and our world. We start with the fish we know best, love most, and are closest too.

The net

In Jesus the day, fisherman generally used circular nets with weights attached to trap fish underneath it. In Jesus’ mind, the net is the Gospel message. We can improve our catch rate by getting more familiar with the net and improving our use of it. The mesh is made up of law and Gospel strands – not too wide (all love) and not too narrow (all law) but just the right size for each fish.

The fishers

Like anglers, fishers of people have certain characteristics:

  • Optimism: They cast the Gospel net wide with great hope
  • Training: As they follow Jesus more closely, they are changed, transformed into being better fishers.
  • Skill: They use different tactics and timing for different fish (1 Cor. 9:20ff).
  • Courage: Fishing was and is a hard and dangerous occupation.
  • Patience: They sometimes go days, weeks, months, even years, without coming home with fish.
  • Success: They fish not to kill but to give life to the fish by getting it out of polluted water and into pure water.


Fish with the Gospel facts. Learn how to share the Gospel briefly, simply, attractively.

Fish with Gospel testimony. How did you see your need of Jesus, come to Jesus, and the difference it made.

Fish with Gospel benefits. Tell of new peace, joy, confidence, satisfaction, purpose, contentment.

Fish with Gospel living. Show the difference the Gospel makes to your marriage, job, money, suffering, etc.

Fish with Gospel commentary. Apply the Gospel to current events and questions.



Screenshot 2023-05-14 at 6.58.46 AM


Unbelievers: Ask to be caught by Christ so that you can catch for Christ.

Teens: Learn to follow Christ then learn to fish for Christ.

Young Adults: It’s time to start fishing, to put into practice all you’ve learned.

Middle-aged: Don’t let busyness keep you from following and fishing. Take every opportunity.

Seniors: Don’t give up, coast, or wind down. There are many old fish still to be caught.

Prayer: Master Angler, help me to follow you closely so that I can fish successfully.