Stop using (some) illustrations
“My heart always sinks when I hear the words ‘I’m not sure whether to use this illustration or not….’ in a sermon. Mrs R tells me that at that point she always wants to stand up and shout, ‘Don’t do it, preacher!’”

Two reasons why finding the root problem may not be a good goal for counselors
Another good reason to subscribe to Phil Monroe’s blog. Though- provoking, thought-changing, and thought-leading.

A Classical Christian School Reading List: 4th to 5th Grades
Many parents and children will benefit from Justin’s compilations.

Jesus loves the little children
$3 introductory book on the subject of infant baptism.

Unashamed Workman Has Moved
Great site for pastors, especially on the subject of preaching.

Obama, Gay Marriage, and the Black Church Vote
“Do not be deceived: Our votes will not come cheaply. Our mutual identity as African Americans is something we celebrate every time you laugh off the ignorance of those who question your American citizenship and when you make those long strides that have come to characterize your trek from Marine One to your home. Yet our confidence in your ability to govern the nation justly and equitably is not based solely on the contrasting ethnicities of your opponent and you. Yes, our ancestors made many sacrifices for us to have the right to vote. However, they also died while trying to stand for righteousness. So we can use the nil option in November, opting not to vote for you or the presumptive Republican nominee.”