Thinking, imagining, creating, concentrating, inventing, innovating, improvising, beautifying, loving, decorating, styling, polishing, and presenting.

Description of an artist?

No, it’s God. It’s God at work on His latest masterpiece. And its name – look closely – is “YOU.”

Yes, believer, you are God’s masterpiece (Eph. 2:10)! His craftsmanship! His handiwork! It’s literally “His poem.”

Think of how much time and talent the poet pours into every word she crafts, every line she composes. God is lavishing even greater time and talent on you each and every day. He is weaving together the seemingly disconnected rhythms and rhymes of your life into an epic poem of grace.

I remember a cartoon from my childhood in which a sculptor was tapping away on a block of ugly stone for days, months, and years, without any sign of progress. As he aged through the years, the mocking crowds grew larger as this poor little man tip-tapped away with patient care. And still, for all his work, not one chip of stone had fallen to the ground. The block was unchanged ugliness.

But one day, when the jeering crowd was particularly large and hostile, the sculptor leaned on his stool, took a little silver hammer, and gave the block one faint tap on the top. A crack started moving down and out, breaking up into multiple tributaries. Little chips began to fall away, then larger blocks, until at last an avalanche of material was cascading to the ground.

The dust settled, jaws dropped, eyes popped, and voices gasped: ”It’s a masterpiece!”