The Social Network Gospel: How interconnectivity helps us better engage the Bible
Lamar Vest, president and CEO of the American Bible Society (ABS), says we’re witnessing “a revival of Bible engagement. For too long we have judged our effectiveness by the number of Bibles distributed. We are determined to no longer judge our effectiveness by tonnage but by impact.”

Work as worship
“God intended mankind to live seamless lives where our work is an ongoing act of God-honoring worship. Simply put, when performed as God originally intended, work is worship.”

An open letter to Sam Harris
Dave Macca, who is battling stage 4 lung cancer, challenges new Atheist Sam Harris’s words in a recent speech to the Global Atheist Convention: “Atheism appears to be a death cult, because we are the only people who admit that death is real.”

Why we “care” instead of “counsel” one another
“In the fall of 2011, I (Robert Cheong) made a strategic decision to replace the word “counsel” with “care” within our church culture. I didn’t send out a memo or make campaign signs. Rather, I began using the terms “care/caring” everywhere I would have used the words “counsel/counseling” in my conversations with others and in training material developed to help ministry leaders shepherd those under their care at each of our campuses.”

Brain training helps treat depression
A brain training technique which helps people control activity in a specific part of the brain could help treat depression, a study suggests.

Why smart people are stupid
Loved the cartoon here.