Are sin and sickness linked?
“Those who are sick among us are very gracious. They hear lunacy from the body of Christ but usually take it in stride.” Ed Welch provides samples of “helpful things said to a sick friend of his.

How to create more margin in your life
Your life is probably not like Michael Hyatt’s. Yet I’m sure most of us can learn something from this transparent post.

The first day of the rest of my life
Poignant post from Kim Shay on her youngest son finishing up High School.

Awe puts us in our place
Paul Tripp: “It is hard to overstate the importance of functional awe of God to your ministry. Awe of God is one thing that will keep a church from running off its rails and being diverted by the many agendas that can sidetrack any congregation.”

The Blackenthorn defection on Gay Marriage
Like Denny Burk, I haven’t given up, but as the ultimate argument against gay marriage is Scriptural, there is less and less hope of successfully opposing it in a society that has become untethered from the Scriptures.

5 Problems with Unconditional Forgiveness
I’m amazed at how few Christians really get this. No excuses if you’ve read this excellent short post.