How to preach the Gospel from every part of the Bible
You won’t read a better post all week.

Save the date: TBA
Neat analogy for the Christian’s waiting for Christ’s return. “Like Kaitlyn, preparing for her wedding with confidence in her groom’s return, we are a people preparing with our lives for the great wedding feast of the Lamb.”

17 Lessons from 17 Books to Learn from in 2013
Here’s a helpful taster of some business books for the entrepreneurs among us.

Real talk with kids
SOme of you will have been following Darryl and Kara’s struggles with their special needs child, Calvin. Straight out of the fire, Kara shares 7 lessons on how to talk to your kids about hard things.

10 Things to pray for your wife
Or your husband!

What the Tech World looks like to a Teen
This is utterly fascinating and totally bamboozling.