This week’s morning and evening reading plan in Word and pdf.

This week’s single reading plan for morning or evening in Word and pdf.

If you want to start at the beginning, this is the first 12 months of the children’s Morning and Evening Bible reading plan in Word and pdf.

And here’s the first 12 months of the Morning or Evening Bible reading plan in Word and pdf.

And here’s an explanation of the plan.

  • Nitoy Gonzales

    wow this will be useful…

  • Karmen

    Thank you for sharing! I lead a children’s Gospel Community for our church and I am always looking for a practical way to help them learn to love God’s Word. Can’t wait to get my kids going on this tonight!

  • Shawn Rober

    That is pretty amazing now days you need to be creative to get kids attention, saw couple of days back sound version of bible though its not complete but got 7 chapters and you can download it to mobile as an app was interesting so did a bit rnd came to know a kiwi firm booktrack developed it for over a year project till now was supported by some ministry would recommend you that bible app it also got king james bible here is the intro page definitely worth a preview

  • laura

    Would consider making this into a book/journal? that would be cool. just a thought.

    • David Murray

      Yes, Laura, a couple of publishers are looking at this idea. We’ll see what happens.

  • hannah

    Hello David,
    Your design is pretty good. I have a question: Because I want to use your pdf of start at the beginning. I saw the whole year kids will study 2 NT books (Luke and John), how about next year, they will continue from the John or still the same as this year, the PDF for the starter will not be changed.
    Thanks a lot and God bless you,


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