Many book trailers ask the author, Why did you write this book? I want to flip that a bit and answer the question, “Why should you read this book?” Let me give you seven benefits of reading Jesus on Every Page (RSS/Email readers view here)

1. Bigger picture: You’ll get a bigger picture of redemption, and of the God of redemption, by seeing how God’s plan of redemption began long before Bethlehem and Calvary.

2. Increased confidence: You’ll increase your confidence in Scripture by seeing the beautiful unity of God’s unfolding plan of salvation by grace in both Testaments.

3. Amazing grace: You’ll be more amazed at God’s grace as you discover it revealed in places and experienced by people that you’d never thought of before.

4. Ten Keys: You’ll get 10 keys to help you understand the Bible better, especially the bits that we struggle with most. How do you tackle the prophets? What is a type? What do you do with the law? And so on.

5. Better teacher: You’ll become a better teacher of Scripture. Are you a preacher, a Sunday school teacher, a Bible study leader, or even just want to teach your own children better? This book will help you teach more clearly and confidently, especially from the more difficult and neglected parts of the Bible.

6. Richer New Testament: You’ll understand the New Testament better. One hugely beneficial side-effect of studying the Old Testament is the way it enriches our understanding of so many parts of the New Testament. For example, it’s almost impossible to understand the Epistle to the Hebrews without knowing about Leviticus.

7. Warm heart: You’ll have your heart warmed, as we walk the Emmaus road with Jesus as our guide.  Yes, I want to fill your brains with information, but above all I want to fill your hearts with love. Both Christ’s love for you and your love for Christ.

Oh, yes, and there’s an eighth reason: buy before August 31 and you get $100 of Old Testament Freebies including videos, posters, lectures, and eBooks.