Jesus on Every Page Special Offer

Jesus on Every Page provides 10 simple ways to seek and find Christ in the Old Testament. In just over a week, on August 20, it will go on sale in bookshops and online, although you can pre-order right now. You can watch a couple of video trailers, read the endorsements, and choose from a range of online stores at

As part of the launch offer, for a limited period of time (until August 31) , I’m making available $100 of Old Testament resources for free download to everyone who purchases the book in paper or eBook form. All you need to do is email your digital receipt or a scan of your shop receipt to and I’ll send you instructions on how to access the following free materials:

  • Old Testament Introduction Course. My 63-lecture, 450-page introduction to (almost) every book in the Old Testament. Each Old Testament book is summarized and analyzed, with many Christ-centered applications.
  • Cross Reference – Angel of the Lord Video Curriculum and Study Guide: 10-video series on Christ’s appearances as the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament, together with pdf of Study Guide.
  • God’s Home: A mini-novel with nine chapters that looks at the Christ-centered meaning of the Tabernacle from the perspective of a young Jewish girl, Jerusha. Also comes with study questions.
  • God’s Food. A five-part Bible Study on the Messiah-centered significance of the Jewish sacrificial system.
  • Jesus on Every Page Digital Posters: 8 Digital Posters presenting the content of the book in graphical form.
  • Jesus on Every Page Study Guide Answers.

That’s $100 of free Old Testament resources if you buy Jesus on Every Page before August 31!