Reading Reimagined
Have a look at this new way of reading and try the experiment at the top of the page. It sounds totally ridiculous, but you’ll be amazed when you try it.

It Matters Whom You Marry
A blog post that went viral and became a book.

Does This Look Like Jim Crow Discrimination to You?
Denny Burk exposes the lies in the media narrative about Christians who refuse to take part in gay marriages.

Overcoming Anger
Matthew Henry helped Joe Thorn tackle anger. Sounds like a book a lot of men would benefit from.

Crisis Survival For Parents
When Kara Dedert writes about dealing with life’s crises, I listen: “Do you have crisis in your life? Ones that leave you unable to catch your breath? Maybe your challenges are coming in waves and you wonder if you can keep your head above the water. Here are some reminders while you are treading in deep water.”

Amputation is Not An Option
Kim Shay reflects on a time when leaving the church looked like an attractive option: “When we are born again, we are born again into something: the Body of Christ. Amputation is not an option. If we isolate ourselves, it is as if we are amputating an arm or a leg. Limbs die when they are cut off from the body. When we cut ourselves off from the Body, we will not grow. Not only will we not be ministered to, we will not minister to others.”

I also appreciated much of what Jackie Hill said on the same subject in How To Heal When the Church Hurts You.