12 Pillars of Faith for Parents of Children with Disabilities | Paul Tautges
“As a father who lives in the world of special needs, there are 12 biblical truths that have become important for me to continually meditate upon.”

Earnings Boost from Major Not Choice of College | Alex Chediak
“If future earnings were the sole criterion (not recommended), your choice of major makes a bigger difference than your choice of college.”

How The New Testament Helps Us Teach The Old Testament Rightly | Nancy Guthrie and Lane Tipton

5 Steps for Making Time to Write | Barnabas Piper

Overcoming Pride in Ministry | Ligonier: Eric Watkins
“Few things are more dangerous in the life of the church than prideful leaders. Some of the most difficult issues many churches encounter revolve around men who feel entitled to the office of deacon, elder, or pastor.”

The Baby Given to Women who Miscarry | TGC
“I’ve been the one sitting in a doctor’s office staring at grainy black-and-white images of my dead baby, tears pouring down my cheeks. Twice now, as the cold news of an absent heartbeat met my ears, I’ve been plunged into the deep, wrenching grief reserved for mothers who’ve lost an unborn child. The sting of death is in no way lessened by the invisible nature of such loss. It is real, and it is horrible.”

The Pleasure of Pleasing God | Desiring God: Luke Humphrey
“How we live, day in and day out, affects our relationship with Almighty God. It’s a stunning truth the Bible teaches plainly. God so cares about us as a Father, that he finds happiness in our obedience and sadness in our disobedience.”

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