How Not To Ask for Forgiveness | The Christward Collective
Five ways in which we can evaluate whether our own repentance is sincere or self-justifying.

Against Hotels: Calvin on Gen. 18.1-8 | Reformation21 Blog
Calvin saw hotels as a testimony to the failure of (Christian) folk to extend hospitality — that is, food, drink, and accommodation — to those in need.

Meet the millennial who infiltrated the guarded world of abortion providers | The Washington Post
Fascinating look at the background to the Center of Medical Progress’s video exposé of Planned Parenthood.

Four Simple questions for writers | Seth Godin
1. What is this for? 2. Who are you? 3. Who is it for? 4. Will it spread?

Rethinking Biblical Application | The Cripplegate
Also read this article by David Prince with the same title.

How It Feels When Your Epileptic Child Gets To Make A Wish
Touching insight into the challenges of parenting children with epilepsy.

50 Free Productivity Apps | Fastcompany
Slack looks worth a look for ministry teams.

Recommended Book

A Lost God in a Lost World by Melvin Tinker. Here’s an extract of David Wells’ foreword

From David Wells’ foreword: “I welcome this fine book. I appreciate the fact that Melvin Tinker has gone to the heart of the matter, to the very center of our faith. Evangelical faith is never going to be renewed by better marketing techniques, or more cultural accommodations, slicker presentations, or better business acumen. It will be renewed only when our knowledge of God is deepened, our walk with him becomes more genuine, our faith more authentic, and our churches more biblical. This is exactly what this book calls for.”

Kindle Books

Head Over Heels: How to Fall in Love and Land on Your Feet by Dr. James Dobson $0.99.

Overrated: Are We More in Love with the Idea of Changing the World Than Actually Changing the World? by Eugene Cho $1.99. You won’t agree with everything in this book, but you will be challenged in a good way.

An Introduction to Biblical Ethics by David Jones $2.99.

The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John Maxwell $2.99. I wouldn’t transfer all 21 qualities to pastoral ministry, and others I’d qualify, but that still leaves much more than $2.99 of value.


Success is Faithfulness…Even When it’s Hard
This short documentary shows how Southern Seminary alumnus and Texas pastor John Powell learned how to be both a cowboy and a shepherd. Discover how his theological training and his network of supporters from Southern Seminary helped equip him for rural ministry and get him through a burnout crisis.

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  • Les

    Thanks for posting The Cowboy and the Shepherd. I grew up in a small town in the Texas Panhandle and we need solid, Biblical preaching. New pastors come in and try the latest and greatest church growth programs as if living in a small town is the same as living in a large city or suburb. The messages aren’t relevant for us. People living in small towns need to hear the Word. We need to be taught how to read the Word, how to interpret the Word. Pastors don’t come because it isn’t seen as profitable or prestigious.

    I grew up raising sheep and there is one thing he didn’t mention although he alluded to ‘being a really good layman’. Shepherds smell like sheep.

    • David Murray

      “Shepherds smell like sheep.” So important!