Here’s a selection of articles on biblical exegesis that I’ve gathered over the years from various blogs and websites. Please feel free to suggest more and I’ll add them. For more resource lists on various subjects click here.


How to Quickly Diagram a Biblical Passage | LogosTalk

Phrasing: My Favorite Way to Trace an Argument ‘ Andy Naselli

Chiasms on the Brain? | For His Renown

Women Weeping Over Diagrammed Sentences | The Gospel Coalition Blog

Greek and Hebrew

Do You Break These Rules for Greek and Hebrew Study? | LogosTalk

Is It a Waste of Time for Seminary Students (and Pastors) to Learn the Biblical Languages? | Canon Fodder

How to Search the Original Languages with Logos | LogosTalk

Why It Is Beneficial to Learn Greek and Hebrew Even if You Lose It | Ad Fontes

Tools for Studying the Hebrew Bible

My Advice to Students — Van Pelt Shares Solid Languages Advice He Got and Wished He Got

Encouraging reason to learn Greek | Scripture Zealot

ESV GreekTools | Justin Taylor

Word Studies

You Should Probably Stop Using Lexicons | LogosTalk

7 Ways to Do a BAD Word Study by Nicholas McDonald

Word Studies: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Do You Make These 5 Common Word Study Mistakes? | Pastoralized

Word Studies – Christian Leadership


The Power of Slowing Down Your Bible Study | LogosTalk

Questions to Ask the Text — DASH/HOUSE

ABC Study | Gentle Reformation

11 Questions Every Pastor Should Ask | TGC

40 Questions about Interpreting the Bible – Justin Taylor

11 Questions Every Pastor Should Ask : Kingdom People

Three Questions with Gerald Bray: On Three Questions to Ask of Biblical Texts – Justin Taylor

Questions to Ask in a Theological Exposition of Biblical Narrative – Justin Taylor

A life-long debt of gratitude – Bruce Waltke’s Questions | TGC


God’s Word is most powerful in context | The Briefing

Reading and Preaching the Text in Context – Feeding on Christ

Background in Biblical Interpretation: Part 1 – Reformation 21

Background in Biblical Interpretation: Part 2 – Reformation21

Do Not Muzzle the Ox: Does Paul Quote Moses Out of Context? – Justin Taylor

So What Is “Theological Interpretation of Scripture”? – Justin Taylor

Your Theological System Should Tell You How to Exegete – Kevin DeYoung

Other Resource Lists

Online Theological Resources – The Master’s Seminary

Exegetical Tools Quarterly |

Denver Seminary: Annotated Old Testament Bibliography – 2009

Christ in the Old Testament

Fight the Text Before You Flee to Christ – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Can That Be Right? The New Testament’s Use of Old Testament Prophecy – Kevin DeYoung

Top 200 Online Resources on Christ in the Old Testament


The Importance of Sound Exegesis and Preaching

Carson Explains What Makes a Good Commentary – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Writing Exegetical Papers on Vimeo

A Hermeneutics of the Open Ear | First Things

Credo Magazine » D. A. Carson on Biblical Exegesis

Poythress on Grammatical-Historical Exegesis | Ad Fontes 

A Parody of Over-Interpreting the Bible – Justin Taylor

BibleX: The Exegetical Habit 

Practical Tips for Expository Preachers | Crossway

More on Quality Exegesis « Reading Acts

Feeding on Christ » Blog Archive » The Puritan Exegesis Project: William Cowper on 2 Cor. 5:5

Plummer’s Primer to Hermeneutics: A Must-Have : Kingdom People

Stand to Reason: Never Read a Bible Verse