The ‘Art’ of Delegation – Part I | Ivy Sprague, eaHELP – Virtual Assistants
“Delegation may not always come naturally to you, and for some of us, we are constantly trying to perfect this area of leadership. Here are a few key points that I have realized over the years to help me perfect MY ‘Art of Delegation’…”

15 Of Antonin Scalia’s Best Lines | Nicole Fisher, The Federalist
“Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wrote what has to be some of the best reads in Supreme Court history. His dissents in particular were filled with his strong, witty, and punny personality. Here are 15 of my personal favorites.”

Imbalanced Theology Leads to Imbalanced Counseling | Thinking Christianly…In a Therapeutic Culture
“In this post I will explore how theological imbalances affect our counseling. I will also offer a solution to the problem.”

Winter white | The Boston Globe
“Across the globe, snow blankets the landscape, giving photographers a new perspective on their surroundings.”

Sex on the Silver Screen | Tim Challies,
“If it would be intolerable for you to watch your wife acting out sexual deeds and sexual pleasure with another man, it should be equally intolerable for you to be entertained by watching anyone else simulate those deeds and that pleasure. To refuse to see such things is simply loving your neighbor as yourself, loving that actress as you love your wife.”

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