Thoughts On The Rise And Fall Of Pastors | Scott Sauls
“In the past year, five of my friends who are pastors have lost their ministries because of moral failure.”

What Does It Mean for an Overseer to Be “Above Reproach” and “Well Thought of By Outsiders”? | Kevin DeYoung, TGC
“In short, the idea behind ‘above reproach’ and ‘well thought of’ is largely the same: the elder-pastor-overseer must live a life of Christlike character and virtue that is not easily refuted by those who know him best. The closer you look, the better the mature Christian appears.”

9 Research-Backed Ways to Spark Your Creativity | Michael Hyatt
“Creativity is essential to leadership and business. But we don’t always feel very creative. And I know some people doubt they’re creative at all. The good news is that all of us can easily become more creative. How?”

3 Ways College Students Can Do More Better Through Finals Week and Into the Summer | Tim Challies
“With a little effort, we can remove some of your heart’s vexation and some of your body’s pain so you actually can rejoice in your youth. You’ll give God greater glory, and you’ll do more good for others. Here are a few tips.”

What Cancer Cannot Kill | Rick Alcantar, The Blazing Center
“I’d just written a fourth name down from my small church. One of the names was a dad with two kids, another name was a young mom that had recently had another child. My heart hurt for each name on the list, for each family standing behind each name. Around that time an unexpected and uninvited thought began surfacing at different points throughout my day: “What if I get cancer?”"

My Toddler Survived Brain Cancer—Here’s What I Learned | Ellie Poole Ewoldt,
“As Christians living in community, how do we come alongside friends and loved ones with cancer? To answer that question, I want to share some advice and insight from our journey to help explain what it’s like for families going through it-and how the people around them can lend their support.”

Dissertations that are Needed Today | Ed Stetzer, The Exchange
“Today I want to suggest there are certain religious Ph.D. degrees that will benefit the church, denominations, and students.”

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Challenges of Teaching the Bible to Other Women | TGC