On Monday 20 March, at 7pm ET, I’m taking part in an live webcast with Kara Dedert and her Live Better Members Club for parents of kids with special needs.

The subject we’re discussing is “Belonging” and the question we’re exploring is “What makes you feel included in church life and what makes you feel excluded?” We’re hoping to put together a list of tips to help churches minister to special needs families better.

I’d love to go to the webcast with some ideas already to discuss. So if you’ve got anything to offer on this subject, please leave a comment and together we’ll try to produce a resource that will bless the wider the church as well.

  • Tony Witt

    Hi David….This is great that you are having a webcast on the subject of “Belonging”. We would love to hear a discussion on tips for having small groups at church for young adults with disabilities. We would also like recommendations on bible study curriculum that is age appropriate for young adults but written at elementary school level.