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Wisdom of God
Review of Nancy Guthrie’s latest book on Christ in the Old Testament.

Family Worship
Part 2 from R C Sproul Jr. And here’s Rebecca on A Praying Husband.

One year on
Ever wondered what it might be like to live through a flood that deluges everything you have? (HT Nathan Bingham)

What I have learned online
If you make it to the end of this post, be encouraged – you are an eccentric.

Generation Flux
Pete Cashmore started a blog called Mashable in his bedroom 7 years ago. It is now one of the worlds most popular social media websites with over 20 million unique users a month and 2 million Twitter followers. In this article he predicts that banks are next up for the digital revolution and calls us to embrace the “Age of Flux.” And did you know that the average time at a job now is 4 years?  All makes me very glad for Hebrews 13:8.

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Most parents monitor their kids on Facebook – and have their passwords
The stats on this infographic should help you the next time you hear, “But no one elses’s parents do this…”

Your brain on Technology

40 Quick Tips for Speakers
Not everything here is relevant to preaching but there’s still significant crossover.

Magnify Conference
Kevin DeYoung’s church in Lansing, MI, is hosting a conference on worship on Feb 10&11 (brochure)

Review of Jesus + Nothing = Everything
Further notes of appreciation and concern.

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Free lunch!
Couple of qualifications. You have to be a pastor, elder or church leader. Oh, and you have to live in or near Grand Rapids. It’s hosted by the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology.

Salvation Infographic
Quite an amazing piece of work this.  Don’t think it breaks the 2nd commandment. Just don’t bow down.

The intrinsic value of what you do
If you’ve got a dull or mundane job, I think this exchange between Tim Challies and Matt Perman will really encourage you.

Resources for discipling your children
Joe Thorn saves us a ton of time and work with a tremendous resource page.

Children’s Hour
And here’s another helpful book review site for kid’s books.

Digital Leadership
Eric Qualman is probably the leading digital leader! He’s therefore worth listening to. This is a great summary of a speech he gave recently and I just love the two closing paras:

Mr. Qualman shared a story about how he deleted 1,000 emails with one click after returning from a trip. That was after advising senders through his auto-responder that, if their email was important, they should wait to send it till he returned. Despite the big delete, life went on just fine.

I leave you with this thought. Can you honestly say that you get more done when multitasking? Here’s Mr. Qualman’s take: “Once you accept the fact that you aren’t going to get everything done, then you can better address what should get done.”