What can the Christian learn from perhaps the world’s richest man?

One of Warren Buffett’s favourite sayings about the market is: “be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy”.

Over the years, the numbers have grown, as Mr Buffett’s financial universe has expanded: from the millions to the hundreds of millions, to today’s multibillion-dollar deals.

And yet his modest office remains defiantly low tech.

“I’ve never had a computer in there, I’ve never had a calculator in there, I’ve never had a stock ticker in there,” he boasts.

He believes that if a deal needs complicated calculations before you can decide if it is right, then it probably is not. He always leaves a “margin of safety”, he says, so that if things don’t work out as he’d hoped, he does not lose money.

Mr Buffett has one personal assistant, and hates meetings or having a busy schedule.

He drives himself to work from his house, a few miles along the same street.

His daughter Susie says that most evenings, he will probably have a ham sandwich, and settle down to several hours of online bridge.

Those who work for companies Mr Buffett owns say when they call him up, he often picks up the phone himself, or if not he will always call back promptly.

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  • prostratepuritan

    I think we christians should consider the thoughts on technology in our church lives and in our home lives. We can’t even call someone one the phone who lives in our city to tell them we aren’t able to do something, no we have to text them or email. How about studying God’s Word? Gotta have the internet or Biblesoftware to read and study. Or what about church? No more Bibles in pews, has to be on a screen, or hymns-songs; that would be to ancient to read the hymnal, we must have it on the overhead! Big screens right next to the pulpit, hi-fi sound systems and so on… what would we do without all this technology? Hmmm let me suggest a way: we would do what all christians and churches have done for millenia.