Wouldn’t you like to know what people really thought of you? Well, trust the web to supply the answer. A new website failin.gs will allow others to tell you what they really think about you without revealing their identity. You can restrict answers to those who really know you by requiring them to answer a question about you before they submit their opinion anonymously. You can then respond to the comments with “I knew this about me,” “I had no idea,” or “I totally disagree.” Others can vote up or down the individual critiques.

What do you think? Would you sign up for this? And would this be helpful for a Pastor?

I won’t be signing up myself. Partly out of fear! But mainly because I have a loving and honest wife who keeps my feet on the ground and my eyes on the Lord. And surely every Pastor has cultivated such an honest and open relationship with at least one of his elders, that he is able to get trustworthy feedback from him/them. 

But above all, the Pastor must aim to please God not people. In fact Paul goes so far as to say that if he started pleasing people, from that moment he has stopped being a servant of Christ (Gal.1:10). Every Pastor is doing one or the other.

  • James Hakim

    I think there is much in Scripture that at least implies that the proper place for rebuke to come is in the context of the church and family relationships that He has designed and in which He has placed us. Reconciliation of us to each other is an especial fruit of our both being reconciled to God. Why would we pursue rebukes that literally offered no possibility of this? And if it’s praises–why would we pursue praises at all?However, Proverbs teaches us in several places that the wise and gracious can benefit from any amount of truth found in rebukes from even the most hostile toward us. I just wouldn’t presume myself to have that much wisdom and grace. If God sends me such stinging blows, I will trust that He will accompany them with the wisdom and grace to receive them.