• Jen

    So, under pre-mil it looks like there is a third coming of Christ? Am I seeing this correctly?

  • David Murray

    Jen: Dispensational premill would say that there is only one second coming of Christ. The one just after the tribulation in this timeline. In the first pre-trib “coming” Christ does not come all the way to earth. The “coming” at the end of the millennium is a coming in judgment because he is already here on earth.

  • Wayne Rogers

    Concerning Postmillenialism have you interacted with Keith Mathison’s Postmillenialism and Ken Gentry’s He Shall Have Dominion, Revised 2009?

  • David Murray

    Wayne: I’ve not looked at these books for a while. But I’ll consult them again.

  • Bruce Newell

    I would lke to purchase a copy of the excellent dispensational premillenial timeline (4:59 min). I will use it in a class I am teaching on April 15. Is it avail on DVD.Bruce Newell315 Kenney DriveSewickley, PA 15143Home 412 741 7498Cell 412 897 5443admiraln@comcast.net

  • David Murray

    Bruce,If you log in to Vimeo, you should be able to download them for your own use. There is no charge.David

  • admiraln

    Thanks, David. I really appreciate your good work. Blessings, Bruce<o:p></o:p>