• shawn anderson

    Thanks for this Dr. Murray,I recall hearing a lecture from Keller where he said that his present preaching “style” comes from years of learning from different teachers:First, Expository Preaching from Dick Lucas and John StottSecond, Revivalistic or Experiential Preaching from Jonathan EdwardsThird, Redemptive-Historical Preaching from Clowney and Westminsterand Fourth, he said that he listened to over 200 sermons from Lloyd-Jones on Evangelistic Preaching, which he did in the evenings.His goal is to take from each of these homiletical theories. This was in a series of lectures he gave at Gordon-Conwell called “Preaching to the Heart.” He wanted to expand on the neglected area of Experiential Preaching based on Edwards teaching.Your work here reminds me of an expansion on the neglected area of Evangelistic Preaching. Thank you.

  • Justin Garcia

    I really appreciate this article. I have been taught that consecutive or sequential expository preaching is always best. I greatly appreciate this kind of preaching and have learned a great deal about God’s glory and majesty and about his redemptive plan for fallen man and about His glorious Son’s substitutionary death on the cross and how I am to live in light of His resurrection. But I do feel that I have grown cold to the lost. I do not feel that sense of urgency of coming judgment for those who do not embrace the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only when I read Jonathan Edward’s Sinners in the Hands of and Angry God or Spurgeon’s call to the unconverted to receive Christ this very hour that my heart fills with the realization of hell and the real sense of responsibility on my part to tell others about the Good News. Evangelistic preaching is indeed much needed in our reformed Churches today. Thank you for the reminder to call men out of darkness and into the light of day.

  • David Murray

    Thanks for your encouraging comments, Justin. May the Lord bless your endeavors to reach needy sinners with the Gospel of Christ.

  • David

    Any chance of getting the defunct link to the PDF on Posterous updated? I live in hope – thanks!