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In today’s podcast Tim and I are going to take a look at “A day in the life of a Christian…” We will chat about how the Gospel impacts the everyday ordinary life of the Christian. We want to demonstrate how the Gospel is not just something for Sundays or for emergencies, but for the mundane, the boring, the ordinary everyday life.

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  • Pete Scribner

    David, thanks so much for doing the podcast. I have been greatly blessed in the time I have spent listening to you and Tim. Keep up the good work!

  • N. Driesse

    I am really enjoying your podcasts. I look forward to listening to them while I do my ironing every week! God’s blessing on your work!

  • Taylor

    David, thanks for the podcast! I see you are interested in technology, so I thought you might enjoy a website I have developed. It is a user-driven Q&A site on Reformed Theology, Piety, and Practice. Users can ask/answer questions, and the responses receive votes from the community. The answers with the most votes filter to the top so the best content is easy to find. I hope you’ll sign up!