In this US News article Karen Burns gives clear voice to the silent millions of employees, who would love to say these things but don’t dare. But, fellow-pastors, might some of your flock be suffering in similar frustrated silence? 

1. “Give me the tools I need to do a good job.”
2. “Admit it when you make a mistake.”
3. “Don’t treat me like a cog on a wheel.”
4. “Ask for my opinion from time to time.”
5. “I truly need frequent feedback.”
6. “Don’t leave me hanging out to dry.”
7. “I can’t hear you when you shout.”
8. “Don’t make me work with idiots.”
9. “Have a clear agenda.”
10. “Don’t lie about deadlines.”
11. “Be predictable.”
12. “Mentor me.”

You can read the whole article here.

PS. I should quickly add, I have the best boss in the world! Really.