How many times have you sat there staring at the screen in front of you and wondered where the next word is going to come from? The mental gas tank is empty and even the fumes have evaporated. But the sermon has to be preached tomorrow. The lecture has to be delivered this afternoon. The article’s deadline will not evaporate.

You’re stuck.

What now?

Turn to Newsweek.

It has a fascinating article on how to boost creativity. In summary:

1. Don’t try brainstorming in a group: Group brainstorming actually reduces creative output. You will generate more ideas if you work separately.

2. Get moving: Exercise for 30 minutes and boost creativity for two hours (eh…unless you are unfit, which produces the opposite effect!).

3. Take a break: You will complete more creative projects if you switch from one to another when you get stuck.

4. Reduce TV time: Television reduces creativity in kids by 11% for every hour of TV watched. For adults it may be worse.

5. Explore other cultures: A 45-minute slide show on China increased creativity scores for a week

6. Follow a passion: Kids allowed to follow a subject they were interested in were more creative than those who were involved in lots of activities.

I would add: Pray to your Creator.