I’ve always been intrigued by mind-mapping. I’ve used mind-maps to learn and to teach. However, I had never been completely satisfied with any of the various software versions I tried. They were usually too complicated, too time-consuming, and too buggy. But, I think I’ve found Mind-map paradise with Popplet. I love the simple, clean design, and especially the ability to share. Here’s a Popplet I put together for the content of God’s Technology.

First thing you should do is click on the bottom right hand corner to make the map full screen (you’ll need Flash). You can zoom in and out using the control at the top of the map. Drag the image around by clicking and dragging. Click on the videos to play them.


  • Chris Roberts

    To each his own, but I really don’t get mind maps. Seems like it’s adding a layer of work rather than making work easier.

  • Fred Jonkman

    David, I clicked on the link to look at the Poppets program but how would I download it or use it?

  • David Murray

    Chris: I know what you are saying and certainly with all previous Mind Map software, that’s the conclusion I’ve come to as well. However, this struck me as amazingly simple to use. Also, although many (probably most) learn in a more logical/philosophical way, I’ve found out that there are a good number who learn much better using visual aids like Mind mapping. Fred: On the Popplet website submit your email where it says “Request invite” and they will send you an access code.