Puritan Preaching
Innovative and insightful analysis of Puritan Preaching by Joseph Steele.

Death is not Dying
Most of you have probably seen this but its huge pastoral usefulness was brought home to me again recently. Rachel passed into glory a few months after this recording.

Word Studies
I probably shouldn’t do this…but here is how to do Word Studies without knowing Hebrew and Greek (three steps along the top bar). And for the more gifted at biblical languages, here’s a more detailed article on word studies. I found the summaries at the end of each section extremely helpful.

The Church’s Mission
Martyn Lloyd-Jones quoted by Kevin DeYoung.

Collaborative Sermon Preparation
Well I usually agree with Brian Croft; I link to almost everything he posts. But this article confirms to me yet again that we should call no man Master. I don’t think Paul had collaborative sermon preparation in mind in his pastoral epistles.