Tony Blair began his British premiership with a huge landslide of support from almost every section of British society. But ten years later he left office under a cloud, with far more popularity in the USA than the UK. At the Harvard Business Review, Gill Corkindale asks where did it all go wrong and what lessons can other leaders learn from his mistakes. In summary:

  • Presidential rather than cabinet-style of leadership
  • Strong control and inner circle that led to factions and polarization
  • Over-reliance on rebuttal and spin
  • Agenda that relied on launching too many initiatives and not seeing them through
  • Breaking a personal pact with the public
  • Dysfunctional relationships and a compromise too far
  • Appealing to too many stakeholders
  • Back-seat driving after leaving office
  • Believing in your own hype
  • Profiting from office and living the celebrity lifestyle

I know some Pastors think they have nothing to learn from leaders in the fields of business, politics, sports, the military, etc. I understand the hesitation. But surely we can at least learn from them how not to lead?

You can read the whole article here.

  • John Hollandsworth

    Reading that list, ( & knowing other leaders & pastors who fit it ), the thought struck me, these are all failings of the flesh, being self-centered & self-focused, and at first they can draw a crowd, but eventually the less desirable fruit of such a focus will inevitably manifest.