Wrestling with an Angel
If you have been blessed by Greg Lucas’s posts at Wrestling with an Angel, then you will certainly want to buy his new book of the same name. And if you need further persuasion, then read his latest blog post about the mysterious communication between God and Greg’s disabled son, Jake.

Salvation Reading List
Keith Mathison has an excellent survey of a number of books dealing with the doctrine of salvation in general and Calvinism in particular.  He helpfully distinguishes which books would be best for different levels of Christian maturity.

Earnestness in preaching
Before you stand up to preach on Sunday, read this from Brian Croft. I couldn’t agree more.

A Pastoral Epistle from Scotty Smith
Want to avoid some mistakes in your first few years of ministry. Then read this reflection on his early years from Scotty Smith who has now accumulated 30 plus years in the pastoral ministry. Brian Croft also gives some wise advice to young pastors about what they should do in their first year of ministry.

Seven questions to ask before preaching
Francis Chan with some soul-searching questions.

Logos v Bible Works v paper?
Phil Johnson in the Logos corner, Dan Philips fights for Bibleworks, and Frank Turk wants to go back to the paper age

Truth and Wikipedia
Anyone interested in the cause of Truth in society  should read Tim Challies’ helpful analysis of the impact and influence of Wikipedia. Part 1 and part 2.

Truth and donuts
Not sure that Americans (or Scots) need to read this.