This is a beautiful piece of writing from Tim Challies on the Christian experience of pursuing Christ. Read it together with Andree Seu’s response to those who accused her of legalism when she recently wrote about “striving” for greater faith. I share Andree’s concern on this point. In all the commendable talk about Gospel-centered worship, Gospel-centered preaching, Gospel-centered churches, Gospel-centered leadership, etc., it is sometimes forgotten that there is such a thing as Gospel-centered obedience. In fact, is that not what the Gospel is all about – saving us from our sins? Here are some excerpts from Andree’s column:

I would not trouble you with a column responding to the responses except that it is so life-and-death a point, and the misunderstanding of it is so endemic and persistent. Is not confusion on this issue at the root of the prevalent tepidness, complacency, and defeat in our walk with Christ?


As for “grace”: Do the contenders of “grace alone” (when by it they mean, without works) even understand what grace is? Grace is the favor from God by which we are enabled to walk in His ways by His Spirit in obedience. Grace is a provision by which we may exercise faith in the concreteness of our lives.

Grace is more than that. But it is at least that.