Here are the visuals of the presentation I made at the Young & Reformed Conference on Saturday. Some of it will not make much sense without the audio (and some of the audio won’t make much sense without the visuals), but I think the general idea is clear. It was the first time I used Prezi software in public. Press the play button, give it some time to load (20-30 secs), and then have a spin through it using the navigation arrows. And look out for the surprise at the very end. There are a couple of 2 minute video clips in the presentation.

The topic was also challenging. I’ve spoken to quite a few parents’ groups about training children and young people to use Technology for God’s glory, and produced a DVD to help parents in that. But this address had to take a different tack as it was mainly teenagers and early twenties in the audience. I had three main points:

1. God loves technology
2. The devil loves technology
3. How we should love technology

  • Stephen

    I enjoyed scrolling through those. Some of them made me chuckle. Especially liked your point that technology (should) make us worship God.