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This morning, Tim and I had the privilege of interviewing Conrad Mbewe, Pastor of Kabwata Reformed Baptist Church Zambia, sometimes called “Africa’s Spurgeon!” Pastor Mbewe is also closely involved in setting up African Christian University. I hope you’ll listen to the interview and be inspired by Pastor Mbewe’s vision of transforming Africa through a biblical worldview based education to the glory of God.

And why not join the 425 Club, renewing the African mind – one life in Christ at a time!

  • Se7en

    Hi I am a huge “Head Heart Hand” fan, I love your blog and posts that are so quick and easy to read – yet packed with stuff!!! I usually lurk because I never want to be the first to comment! But when I saw you were speaking with Pastor Conrad Mbewe I was thrilled!!! Our family prays for him and his work in Africa and we have heard him preach in Cape Town a couple of times… We are very blessed to have him working away on our continent…

  • David Murray

    Thanks so much for these encouraging comments Se7en. We greatly enjoyed the privilege of interviewing Pastor Mbewe.