With 25 episodes of Connected Kingdom in the can, Tim and I are calling that Season 1 and taking a time-out until the New Year.

We’ve greatly enjoyed the challenge of learning to communicate via the podcast format, and deeply appreciate all your interaction and feedback. Thanks also to all our guests.

We look forward to returning with Season 2 in January. We’ll have a new line-up of subjects and guests and hopefully a couple of ways of increasing your own involvement with the show.

So, have a great holiday season and join us again in a few weeks for the next season of Connected Kingdom, connecting truth and life in a digital age.

** If you want to listen to past podcasts, you can download them on iTunes, access them via our Facebook page, or search for “Connected Kingdom” on our blogs.

  • Anne Morrison

    Have thoroughly enjoyed Season 1, and will look forward to Season 2 getting up and running….