Thanks to Wikileaks, you can now expect that day to come when your most private and candid communications will appear for all to peruse. In preparation for that moment, you better make sure that your private dealings match your public declarations, if not perfectly then at least pretty close.

For companies and individuals as much as for governments, deeds will henceforward have to match words. If they don’t, you can assume you will suffer a Wikileaks crisis of your own, for it is from that discrepancy (or hypocrisy, read another way) that Wikileaks finds its energy — and other leakers will in the future. Like it or not, what has happened this week is of profound importance, and its lessons are profoundly important too.

Read the rest of How Wikileaks changes everything by Carne Ross, ex-British Foreign Service, and Founder of Independent Diplomat, the world’s first non-profit diplomatic advisory group.

  • jeff

    I heard someone point out Luke 12:2,3 in this context, they even thought WikiLeaks was a fulfillment of this prophecy! Don’t know about that, but it is a good reminder of the hidden works of darkness that will be brought to light.