When I was part-time lecturer in the Free Church Seminary in Inverness, I put together an online Hebrew course for distance learners. It has 50 grammar lesson videos, and 40 vocabulary videos that use a mixture of word-plays, graphics, and sounds to make Hebrew vocab a bit more interesting and memorable.

The introductory page is here with the videos accessed via the tabs along the top.

  • William Hill

    This is a wonderful Hebrew resource for learning the language. I use it as a review for my current course at GPTS. The vocabulary videos make learning the words much easier.

  • meagan

    thank you so much!

  • Jesse Gentile

    David, I am an instructional designer who is commencing work on an online BIblical studies school to train lay ministers in the U.S., and in English speaking areas around the world. I’d like to provide quality advanced Bible training to believers who are not unable to relocate their lives to attend cost prohibitive seminaries or Bible colleges. In brief I am looking around for various teachers who are willing to bring their subject matter knowledge to the table, while I bring training design knowledge to the table. One area that I need instructors for are greek and Hebrew. Do you know of anyone interested in creating an online hebrew class like the one you set up, and perhaps a bit more? Jesse Gentilejessegentile@gmail.com(jessegentile.com)

  • Andrew Suttles

    Dr. Murray -Are there MP3 versions of these lessons available? I’d like to listen to them “on the go” using my IPod.Regardless, I’ve profited from your ministry and I thank you for your service to our Lord and King!

  • David Murray

    Jesse: I’ll reply to your email.Andrew: No, there are no MP3′s available. The teaching is quite dependent on the visual element. But feel free to record as you play and put together mp3s.