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A couple of changes coming next week. We will continue with the notes in the present format, as they seem to be meeting a need. The only change is that I will keep the focus on the narrative passages of the Old Testament. We will also take some detours into the Psalms and Proverbs from time to time, but for children the most profitable Old Testament passages are the narratives. That will mean skipping chapters from time to time as we move through the Old Testament, but I would rather do that and keep the children interested rather than have them lose heart and tune out. The chapters we miss out are not less important, but they can be studied when children have matured and are better able to profit from them.

The second change is that I will start a second track of children’s Bible study notes. Parents whose kids leave the house for school in the morning, find it very difficult to squeeze morning Bible reading into kids’ routines. I sympathize; it’s tough even for home-schoolers!  So, I’m going to offer a second set of Bible study notes that have one reading per day. We will go through a book or two from the New testament, then a book from the Old Testament, then back to the New Testament, and so on. I’ll also leave some space on these notes to write down matters for prayer.

If you have any further suggestions for modifications, I’d be glad to hear them.

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  • Sandy

    I think your changes are good ones. My sons get bogged down (understandably!) by the various laws for the restitution of oxen. Also, because it is hard for us too (and we are homeschoolers) to fit in Bible reading for our kids twice a day, we have been assigning each of our boys either evening or morning readings, and then having them share with each other what they learned. Thanks so much for doing this!

  • David Murray

    Thanks for your encouragement Sandy. Hopefully the changes will work better for your family.

  • Lesli

    Thanks for your plan! We are finding it most helpful in our family. While I was here, and thinking about it – I wanted to share a new application that was shared with our family over the holidays. Children’s Bible is designed for ages 3-13 & is made up of comic books that deal with many of the most important stories in the Bible. It’s a free app & available for most styles of smart phones. My kids have really enjoyed it & we have used it to start them on the right track with taking time to read the Bible. I just wanted to share because it is such a cool way to get the children started out young with the Word. Definitely worth checking out – and thought you may want to pass along with your readers. Thanks again for all of your helpful words!

  • David Murray

    Thanks Lesli for your kind words. I’ll check out that site.

  • gbgplatinum

    “Download here. Click on “Bible Reading Plan” tag below for previous posts.”

    Neither one works.