Theme: The Lord offers peace to his enemies before he defeats them

I. The Lord has multiple enemies (1-3)

A. Multiple enemies (1-2b)

1. The nations rage against Him (1a)
2. The peoples plot against Him (1b)
3. The kings stand against Him (2a)
4. The rulers conspire against Him (2b)

B. One aim: Destroy the Lord’s lordship (2c-3)

  II. The Lord will defeat His enemies (4-9)

A. His defense (4-6)

1. He sits in heaven(4a)
2. He scorns their weakness (4b)
3. He speaks of His King (5-6)

B. His decree (7-8)

1. The parties of the decree (7)
2. The promise of the decree (8)

C. Their defeat (9)

III. The Lord offers peace to His enemies (10-12)

A. Be wise citizens (10)
B. Be reverent servants (11)
C. Be loving sons (12a)
D. Be blessed refuge-takers (12c)

 Mining the Psalms, ThM course at PRTS,  March 7-10.